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Thursday, January 8, 2009

These days...

It's been quite the week settling back into life here in Orlando. We loved our visit with family, BUT have been so happy to come "home" (it's strange how it already feels like this after 5?? months). It's probably because it's our home...the place where we've solidified ourselves as a family in many ways. The place we enjoy sharing with others with touches of who we are placed all about...the intangibles of warmth from the heart that will exist wherever God calls us.

It's been a rough week for us with me battling a bad head cold and Jared's work intensifying as he is organizing the Outreach element of our Fastbreak conference which will be held during MLK weekend. And our sweet son getting into all sorts of mischief with his increasing independence, curiousity, and spunk (from his mom, so they say;o), even while continuing to battle his breathing issues, and a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION (we discovered today, thankfully EARLY amidst a follow-up for his breathing). KIDS ARE SO RESILIENT! I wish I was half as much of a "trooper" as he is! I would be miserable with all of the things he has had to deal with recently, but not him! He is a JOY! Praise God...being a parent is such a marvel, a humbling marvelous, wouldn't-trade-for-anything journey.

Pictures coming soon dear faithful readers:)

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