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Monday, January 12, 2009

Peas Please!!!

Another great discovery post-Christmas, was that JJ LOVES PEAS! He things that they are the sweetest little balls fo pick up and eat...he'll even pass over puffs (can you believe it Mom??) to eat peas. I hope he keeps this up, because I was worried that he didn't really like veggies (not veggie tales, see next post!) except in baby food form...maybe this goes along with liking Veggie Tales?? liking peas/veggies??
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Julie said...

Eli was like this but with green beans... and he is loving watching me look at your blog right now... he keeps saying "look there is my cute little friend JJ." It is fun he remembers and misses JJ...

Lisa said...

The boys both loved peas too...half the fun was how they rolled around as they tried to pick them up. To change things up, they also enjoyed them frozen (the petite peas, for choking caution), especially in the summer.