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Monday, January 12, 2009

It's time for...

VEGGIE TALES!!!! Ok, so after ONLY wanting to watch Baby Einstein videos for a very long time, and BEING AFRAID of Veggie Tales the last time I tried to have him watch them, he's suddenly started to LOVE THEM! Mostly, he loves the theme song and would want me to replay that 100 times in a row! But, for my sanity I can only do 5 or so...While I am thankful he likes other than Baby Einstein dvd's, I just don't know how many times one can hear the theme song without going crazy!
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Julie said...

Eli just saw the picture of you on your blog and said "that is you in the picture..." Ha ha, I said No that is JJ's mom...but thanks for the compliment... "mom what is a compliment?"

Anyway back to what I was going to say...
Eli saw the Veggie Tales Video JJ was watching and said "Can I borrow that dvd from JJ to watch again?" I had asked for the You are Special for them for Christmas and didn't get it... so he is asking for it... he remembers!