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Monday, January 12, 2009

Please pray for our niece, Marie

On her four-month birthday, she had to be admitted to the hospital because of developing pnuemonia. Please pray for the antibiotics to work quickly and effectively, that she can return home soon and fully recover!

Pray for Jared's brother, Jason, and his wife Maribel as they care for their tw0 year-old son James and Marie and as they weather this storm.

Pray for God's peace and a spirit of trust for everyone who loves little baby Marie.


Julie said...

praying right now... hugs to you all!

Sarah K said...

haha...laughing totally at your large eyebrows comment....yes they did take up a good part of my face back in the day:) i wished i could have seen it and seen all you guys too of course! i love hanging out with the landises and foxes on new year's eve but i def miss the "usual" esp now that some of us kids are so grown up that we're going back there! it seemed like for awhile most of the kids weren't there. anyway great to hear from you and i hope you're doing well and getting better. thanks for the news about marie...i tried calling over just to see if they need any help with james...hopefully she'll be back home soon! keep us posted though. i loved checking out all your pictures:)

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

How is Marie doing? Were the doctors able to catch it before it got bad?

Also, how are you doing, sick mama?

I pray all is well!