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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A couple of pictures from the weekend...FASTBREAK 09

Thank you Courtney, so much, for taking these pictures...
Since Daddy was busy, I took JJ down to the waves because he was very excited about them! He kept saying "Da Da" (for "that") and making this motion with his hands like he wanted the waves to come to him, but when I put him down to touch the water, curled his little feeties up so as not to touch a drop:) Finally, after being tired of holding him, I put him on my shoulders and he thought that that was so cool as that's usually Daddy's thing. Here, he is leaning around and having fun looking at my face.
Courtney and her friends thought it would be so cute to get JJ's footprints...he wasn't so sure, what do you think?
We think he's getting some more chub back in his face, what do you think?

All in all, it was an amazing weekend...250 or so high school students were challenged to live for God with all of their lives and see their schools be reached through them! Testimony after testimony spoke to my heart and brought encouragement to my soul as I saw a generation wanting to stand up and be counted..."It's Time" I can still hear their hearts say and I pray that they will find great courage to be lights amidst the vast darkness that surrounds...


Sarah K said...

looks amazing...wish we were there with you!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love the footprints picture! so cute!!! and the one of him on your shoulders...those are both great pictures! hope you guys are staying healthy this week!

Sara said...

Aww! Love the footprints in the sand. What a little muncher. Owen didn't care for the Ocean when we first introduced him to it. He was about JJ's age . . . much love twinner!