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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Time of My Life"

If JJ knew this expression he would ABSOLUTELY have used it to describe his experience at his good friend Shelby's ("sell-bee!" to him) birthday party. It was the second year he was invited to her b-day party and it was held at a place called "Sliderz" (like last year) BUT this year he was able to enjoy EVERYTHING about it! I have never seen him enjoy something so deeply and completely! I went over during the party and hugged Shelby's mama, Carrie (my good friend) and thanked her for doing this for Shelby's party and giving my son such an amazing experience!

Top Left: Carrie, benefactress of said "amazing experience", holding Susie who she's nicknamed "marshie" for marshmallow:)
Top center: Shelby--the reason to have a party and she was an AMAZING hostess!
Top right: Ella enjoying the cake as you will see JJ doing later!

As you can see from this picture, Susie enjoyed Sliderz too, although she didn't slide but was bounced on the side of the slide, and most fun for her, was held almost the whole time!
bottom right: you can see I had fun too!
(top center is our pastor, Matt, from Chambersburg, PA. We think he's great!)
JUMP! one of JJ's most favorite things...Jared and I both got a great workout climbing up the slides with JJ. This one Jared must have done with JJ 25 times at least and I did about 10 times and they were IN A ROW...seriously, a HUGE workout!
Again, you can see Jared and I having a great time below coming down the BIG SLIDE! This was amazing because after JJ went down with Jared the first time, he raced to go down it himself...there are adults who were afraid to go down! As you can see in the bottom pictures it's quite a workout to go down...I think I did it 3 times? JJ would have done it constantly and tried to go right back up after he came down which, of course, wasn't safe! He didn't want to wait, but had to since they only let one go up a time in case you fall down when you're climbing up so there is no collision...
The funniest part of the whole day came for me when I came down the first time and JJ peeked over the edge of where I landed, laughing and saying, "is-at fun?" (is that fun) which is what I always say to him about something we are doing together. He's been saying it more and it was just the funniest thing to have this little joke with him at the bottom of the slide!
As you can see, he also enjoyed the "after-party" of pizza and cake too! He earned all of those calories--believe me!

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Sarah K said...

I took the boys to a party like this last year and I totally agree that it was a blast just as much for me as it was for them...and definitely quite the workout - I think I was sweaty when we left!