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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So many things...St. Patty's Day--HAPPY! HAPPY!

Not really any pics, but there are lots of reflections that come to me in the middle of the day and I'm going to have some thoughtful posts WITH some cute pics and/or videos to keep you reading and looking:)

Missing all of you "northeners" so much!!

So excited that my sis and niece(who just turned 16!!?? what!!???) are coming for Easter:)

Also, so excited that Jared's parents are coming in May and we will have Susie's dedication:) and it will be Mother's Day (I was excited because Jared's mom will be here and we've missed being away from her on Mother's Day, but JUST thought also how sweet that TOO our Susie named for my mom will be dedicated that! how special...)

Also, God performed a miracle in my sister-in-law's mom in Venezuela who was near death but has been able to have a life-saving operation...and is doing well after! wow!

Also, our dear friends/neighbors here have OFFICIALLY adopted their 3rd child--Little JJ!

And finally, my niece and nephew turned 2 today!

More soon!

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