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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Susie at and around 6 MONTHS!

She's still so sweet, BUT oh my! is she active...not crawling, but rolling and moving ALL around her crib, but I LOVE how she's still a cuddler. She'll let you snuggle with her close to your chest and just look around at everything while hugging you...honestly so precious!

We think she looks "different" when she smiles...I think more like Jared:)

Is this the plumpest ladybug you've seen or what?

"Look Mom! I can hold my feet even WITH my chubs!"
You are catching her in her habit of sucking her lips...either bottom or's so cute (of course! what else could she be??!!)
"Hey! what do you think of my 'sitting'? Am I doing a good job?"
Chillin' with 'Praise Baby'--Definitely the current favorite!

1 comment:

Julie said...

oh my goodness I cannot wait to kiss all those rolls and those cheeks! So beautiful. I also cannot wait to just hold her... soon!!! Don't let her loose any of that chunk before she comes... so cute