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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spontaneous Picnic in Color

Amidst the beautiful weather here, the kids and I had 2 picnics down by the lake a couple of blocks up from our neighborhood. Unfortunately, for the first I didn't have my camera...but for the second, I had Jared bring it as he was able to join us being able to come home for lunch that day!

Of course the ever-elusive duckies when we try to feed them came right up to us the day WE DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING!...oh well...

Little Abby
too funny...Jared is smelling JJ's bottom to see if he has a "stinky"playing football

we decided they'd probably do better in a couple of years, but you can see Abby and JJ are really trying!

Everybody loves Susie:)
These next three just melt my heart...

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