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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Janine tagged me! Here were the instructions:
* Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Post it on your blog.
* Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Ok, so I HATE this picture! I was excited when I got the "tagged" instructions, but then I saw that this was my 6th folder and I knew it was going to be one of THESE pictures. This is a part of a whole set taken when we were at New Staff Training that we could use with for our prayer cards. (needless to say, we didn't, thanks Staci for the one we did use with JJ in it, not in my tummy!) I thought that I looked good when I was getting ready for these pictures, which was no small feat as I was very sick with my pregnancy. And then when we got the pictures back, I thought I looked GROSS...Jared, of course, looks fine, but I thought that, in general, we look washed out. This picture was on our ministry website and I took it off as soon as I could. It is still on our city ministry website...oh my, you all will need to pray for me, if the Lord blesses us with a girl some day, because I will have to speak more positively about myself for her sake.

I tag: Sara, Sarah, Julie, Lisa and Kaye


Lisa said...

I don't think that picture is bad...I think you look very happy and cute :)
I'll try to play along, and hopefully will get to post sometime soon.

Sarah K said...

Before I read what you wrote I thought "wow I love that look so pretty...i hope mine is half as decent"...ha!