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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night Shuttle Launch-November 14, 2008 7:55pm

It looks more like a sunrise...majestic and glorious. Unfortunately, I was unable to go watch it close by, because of JJ. These pictures were taken by Annette, our friend from Germany who is here for the year. She used our car to go to watch it close by and took these pictures.

I was able to see it from our house 40-50 miles away. We heard the boom of the take-off and saw the light and it came across the sky like a bright ball of fire and soared over the moon as it became more and more like a brilliant star heading to outer space. We could watch it for close to 5 minutes after it took was amazing...I was so mesmerized by what it would be like to be in that shuttle heading to deep, outer space, where the God I love and worship is yet beyond that and how He occupies time and all space to the uttermost galaxies.

Here's a video that shows a closer look at what I saw...