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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keeping up with Gracie (and Jasper!)

I had just been thinking to myself, "Am I at the point where I NEED to worry if JJ is quiet?" I know you are thinking that's a silly question, but THIS was really the first time that I DID need to worry.
JJ was quiet in his room and I thought he was just looking at books, playing quietly, etc. When I went to check on him I found him like this! His face was covered with Eucerin cream that I had so...smartly...had open on the floor;-) My first thought was, "oh no Jared won't like this" so I freaked out a little bit. Then I remembered my friend Kaye's reaction when her daughter Gracie was covered in Desitin cream. She LAUGHED...she and her husband. And Desitin is harder to clean then Eucerin. I just had to rub it in and I brushed out his mouth.
I also know that JJ was experiencing comradery with his buddy Jasper who had just gotten into his mom's Neutrogena hand cream.
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Julie said...

what I don't understand is... don't they realize it doesn't taste good... and wouldn't they stop? So bizarre these little ones! Yet Jasper won't eat real food... seriously Abby, he is only eating like 2 bites of something every meal. I am not worried unless he gets much thinner, but still he is nothing like Eli.... who also now won't eat mommy's food because it doesn't taste like ovoda food. Mine is too spicy... what is up with that? UGH

Sara said...

just the first of many of these fun surprises:) No matter what he's got in or on his mouth, he's just pretty darn cute. Love ya twinner!