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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pre-School: Open House

There are a bunch of videos that I hope I can post here at some point.  But here are some of the pictures that are from the Open House we had for our Pre-School while PopPop and Nana Marie were visiting:

Lining up on their “mats” (folded up towels) that they each have become quite attached to and NEED to sit on their own…JJ freaks out if anyone touches his mat and seems like they will “steal” it…it’s so crazy!

They answered the catechism questions we have been going over during devotions:

Who Made God?

Who Made You?

What Else Did God Make?

Why Did God Make You and All Things?

(can you answer all of these???)

 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 160

Brandon playing shy…look at that smile in his mommy’s leg!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 161

Reciting Nursery Rhymes and acting them out…

“Three Blind Mice”…I can’t believe JJ wore the headband! He NEVER wants anything touching his head!  It gives me great hope that he’ll be a little lamb at the Christmas program at church…if they incorporate his age in again!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 173 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 174

I’m sad I missed their tails (you can see Brandon’s below) and then Abby (the farmer’s wife) cuts them off with a carving knife!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 175 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 176

Apparently it was time to dance around after this one!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 177

JJ is tired out from all of this acting!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 178 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 180

“Little Miss Muffet …eating her curds and whey…”

Abby got to be all of the girls parts…there has to be SOME benefit to being the only girl in class!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 179

the Grand Finale was “Hey Diddle Diddle” which was ADORABLE! with all four having a part…there is video of this, but there is a lot of extemporaneous stuff on the end of it that I don’t want to subject you to and I haven’t figured out how to cut out part of a video, so…I’ll keep trying…

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Mary Ann said...

Awww! Abby this is so precious! Treasure each of these moments. My little ones are so big now and I can barely remember the glorious days... I was so busy and camera no internet back then! You are doing an AMAZING job!