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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Church Christmas Program: Which One is Not Like the Other Ones Part 2

Well, we improved from last year, when he just sat on the stage and wouldn’t wear his lamb head no matter how much coaxing…

This year…

He’s standing a little apart with his back to you…looking at that BIG SCREEN!


Yes!! We have a lamb’s head but no motions…not a single one. the entire time. just a dazed look…in his defense we missed the stage rehearsal because we were all sick and we’re a little scattered these days of travel and transition…


Sitting, though it took him a while to do that, standing when the others were sitting…someone had to pull him down!


There was even a little hoof wave to the people sitting by him…


And a smile too!!!!!!

DSC_0221 And enough adorableness to make even the Scrooge smile:)


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