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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sibling Love

This has been one of the sweetest things for us to see how much these two love each other…

JJ feeding Susie—I think she’d take almost anything he fed her, which is sweet and a bit scary too;)

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 006

They can handle anything together as long as they have their BLANKIES!!

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 001

It’s cute—this is where she has her ‘black eye’ still and I think I will have one later that shows his from running into Daddy when he was tackling him and Daddy didn’t know…same eye and shape—it was as if he had to be able to empathize with her:)Nature Walk, Open House, etc 002 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 003

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 004 Nature Walk, Open House, etc 005

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Dionna said...

It's really great to see our kids bond with each other and develop a relationships that is separate from us.