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Friday, August 13, 2010

Speakout Reprise: Carnival 3rd Week

The highlight of this was Zach (below) getting all of his long, ponytail length hair. The students needed 150 tickets (15 times a cream pie) and they quickly got it. I didn’t get any close up of the process because it was so crowded.  My friend Julie (aka “Zach’s wife) has the whole experience here on her blog.

End of Speakout, etc 078

One last “Macarena” dance

End of Speakout, etc 088

JJ and the Lollipop…made the end of the night and waiting for his favorite part “the Menza Dance” easier:)

End of Speakout, etc 080 Family picture (with the two together and adding Aubrey—I realized that I don’t think we got ONE SINGLE FAMILY PICTURE AT SPEAKOUT!! How is that possible?? I guess it shows how much else was on our brains;)…Jared’s hair is quite long (still hasn’t cut it) at some point it got long enough to look okay…he hasn’t had it this long since before I met him!

End of Speakout, etc 081 End of Speakout, etc 082 End of Speakout, etc 083

End of Speakout, etc 084

   This is Zsuszi(Susie in Hungarian) with our little Zsuzsi:) They were kindred spirits the whole time:)

End of Speakout, etc 086JJ and Addie—In this picture I can totally see JJ as a teenager…oh my, cool dude! End of Speakout, etc 087

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