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Monday, August 16, 2010

Closing Celebration and Banquet

Here is our Group Picture of all of the Hungarian and American staff from Speakout.  It is traditionally taken before the Closing Banquet.  Isn’t it amazing to see the sea of faces that as a group shared the Gospel in a personal way with roughly 1600 people in 3 countries…All Glory to God!Group Shot-Closing Banquet2

Throughout Speakout we would gather on Saturday mornings before the next week and share stories of how God worked in the previous week. This was the group after the 3rd camper week.  I shared Bea’s Story (in a coming post) this week. End of Speakout, etc 155Then, we heard from each of the groups that went out on Projects from Keszthely.  Below is Virag who shared about the Project in Albania.

(Virag is on the left and Lilla is on the right translating)

End of Speakout, etc 156

Here is Virag’s husband, Csaba (Chah-bah) sharing as well about the Project.  He and Virag and their two sons had lived in Albania for about 8 years leading the High School ministry there.

 End of Speakout, etc 158

Below is Andras (On-drash) who will be leading the high school ministry in Hungary starting this year. He is great with babies and Susie really liked him.

End of Speakout, etc 159

Gabi is below sharing about a new project this summer in Siofok (She-o-foke--another town along Lake Balaton) that he helped to lead.

End of Speakout, etc 160

Below is Kalman who shared about the Project to Transylvania (the Hungarian speaking part of Romania). He and his wife, Julcsi (Yul-chee) led the Project this year.End of Speakout, etc 161  Below is Nikki.  She went on a Project for the first time from Keszthely. (this was her 3rd year as Hungarian Student Staff) She trusted Christ right before we came on STINT (‘05-’06)in Hungary and since that time has grown so much.  She’s continually taken steps of faith to grow as a leader and this Project was her “next step”. While in Transylvania, she and another girl, Dusi, who also trusted Christ shortly before we came on STINT had the idea (I would say prompting of the Spirit) to possibly STINT in Transylvania! (I’ve been praying for this ever since I heard her say it!)

This was right before the Speakout Director, Dan, was going to share a vision of seeing the Kollegium (Dorm) where we have Speakout be filled during Staff Orientation with missionaries who are trained in that week. Only a portion would stay in Keszthely and the rest would be sent out to other places like Albania and Transylvania for 3 weeks instead of just 1 and hopefully other places—even closed countries where Hungarians are more open to enter than Americans. Truly it is a vision of seeing the generation of faithful disciples being built up in Hungary become a sending missionary force to the ends of the earth! Isn’t that amazing??

End of Speakout, etc 164 End of Speakout, etc 165

Below is Jared with Luke (left). They led a Discipleship Group together of Taylor (left center) and Frank (right center). It was a great opportunity and blessing for Jared to be a part of this.  Luke will be STINT-ing in Hungary this next year and so he had his own tutor group during camp to form relationships with students in Budapest, so Jared would usually go out with Taylor or Frank and support them in their evangelism times with the Hungarian guys that were in their tutor groups. 

End of Speakout, etc 170 End of Speakout, etc 173End of Speakout, etc 171

This is Eni and I.  Eni’s husband, Laci, directs the Campus Ministry.  She and I hit it off right away 5 years ago when Jared and I arrived in Hungary and went to the National Conference with the Hungarian Staff.

End of Speakout, etc 172

Here is Ingrid—an elementary school teacher who ended up coming to Speakout through a crazy series of events—as we know, NOTHING happens by chance and we are so thankful that the Lord brought her there this summer. 

(You’ll hear more about Ingrid in “Bea’s Story” coming soon)

End of Speakout, etc 174 End of Speakout, etc 175

Don’t you just love those “Susie Eyes”…

End of Speakout, etc 176 

Here is Jared with Gabor (Mike).  He trusted Christ after we went to Speakout last time and has grown tremendously…he is our Hungarian “little brother”:)

End of Speakout, etc 178 

Rivers and me—one of my new mommy friends from the summer…Miss you Rivers!

End of Speakout, etc 179 End of Speakout, etc 180

Nikki Neni again…miss you too!

End of Speakout, etc 181 

Zsolt creeping on the picture…too bad I didn’t get his adorable family with him:)

End of Speakout, etc 182 

Irisz and JJ—her restaurant provides food for all of Speakout! She became quite fond of JJ and taught him some Hungarian—he would climb under the table in the cafeteria to get to her and her staff serving the food! I didn’t get a picture of that:( She also would quite regularly give him lollipops…I joked that I would send her his dentist bill!!

End of Speakout, etc 183 

Like father. Like son. Both LOVE their European FANTA!!! (we think it’s much better than in the STATES!)

End of Speakout, etc 184 

End of Speakout, etc 186 

INGRID!!!! Pretty good idea of her personality from this picture!!

End of Speakout, etc 187

My lovely friend Julie—posing with her socks and flip flops…it was VERY CHILLY our last days in Keszthely and I was wishing I had socks too!  Jules—you do this look very well!

End of Speakout, etc 188 End of Speakout, etc 190

All of the Staff get an “Award” at the end of Camp.  Something silly or just fun about them…Adi and Luke were the Presenters.

End of Speakout, etc 193 

“ROCCO!” stinted with the University Team this past year and he got his award and a “Team Hungary—ROCCO” sweatshirt…he will be missed by the whole team!

End of Speakout, etc 196 End of Speakout, etc 198 End of Speakout, etc 200

I don’t remember everyone’s awards, but I’ll tell you the ones I do:

Timi: something like Busy Bee—because she basically does the brunt of the administration for all of Speakout!

End of Speakout, etc 201 

Gabor’s was “Most likely to be “chatting” (facebook, SKYPE) with you while sitting right next to you!

End of Speakout, etc 202 End of Speakout, etc 203

Emily (so proud of you;)

“Most Likely to be Scared of Shadow Puppets”

End of Speakout, etc 205

Larissa (bottom right—again, so proud of you!)

“most likely to climb any tall inanimate object”

I witnessed this when she climbed a lamp post by the pier…thankfully she is so light!

End of Speakout, etc 208 End of Speakout, etc 209

Jared accepted for our family which read:


Susie: Most “Husi Musi” (translated like “Meaty Weaty” or something like we say endearing, “Chubby Wubby”, etc.)

Jared: The “Freakin’ Awesome” Award (NO IDEA!)

Abby: Most “Joyestful” Mom award (thanks Jules—all because of you!)

End of Speakout, etc 212

The Car seat rules are more lax in Hungary—so here’s Susie turned around…we did that here in Florida too.

(found out they actually DON’T have the 1 year/20 lb. rule in Florida—and many other STATES, but PA does—before you can turn a child around—and since she’s over 20 lbs. we decided it would be OK for our 10 hour trip BACK and FORTH to North Carolina and so we’ve kept it!)

End of Speakout, etc 213

So Ends the Kesthely Kronicles for Speakout 2010!

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