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Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Days and Weeks in Budapest…

Our friends, Jen & Ryan and their three boys Ben, Drew & Cade hosted us for almost 3 weeks when we first arrived here.  We are forever grateful to them!

Playing the Wii was a favorite while we were there {We may ask for this as a family for Christmas…we’ll seeSmile}

First set in Budapest 001

We found the Hungarian-English Bi-lingual school that the kids will be going to through this family.  Cade will be there for his second year this year and JJ & Susie are excited to be at school with him!!

First set in Budapest 004First set in Budapest 009

I think she’s Wii bowling or just being goofyWinking smile

First set in Budapest 010

The very first thing we did on our bed after it was set up was to let the kids jump on it!  Our dear buddy Jasper who moved to East Asia one month after we got here got to enjoy this inaugural jumping with the kids.  In the process he taught JJ & Susie how to count to three in Hungarian!  Great fun all around!!!

First set in Budapest 013First set in Budapest 014

{Later that day Jared and I had the best sleep we’d had in a year collapsing on our long lost bedSmile}

First set in Budapest 017

We take walks around our neighborhood in this Radio Flyer wagon.  And it creates quite the stir…there is nothing like it sold here.  We are always asked where we got it which immediately tells everyone that we are Americans.

In the background is a uniquely shaped Catholic church that you can see from far away.

First set in Budapest 019First set in Budapest 024

First set in Budapest 023Jared has been getting ready for the baby by holding our friends’ Dave and Rivers’ son, Jackson.  He hasn’t lost his touchWinking smile

First set in Budapest 025

JJ, Susie & Jasper jumpin’ on the bed, Round #2!!!

First set in Budapest 033First set in Budapest 031

Jasper & Family :: If you see this, we love you and miss you!  We think of you a lot and can’t wait till we can jump on the bed with you again!!!!

First set in Budapest 046

This was my first batch of chocolate chip cookies made in our home in Hungary!  They are usually chocolate chunk cookies since you can’t get chocolate chips here and you break up chocolate bars to make the cookies.  I am really happy that my Pampered Chef chopper works well to do thatSmile

First set in Budapest 055First set in Budapest 056

Our flat is in a building of four flats and there are three more buildings like ours.  There is a common courtyard with this sandbox.  The kids love to play thereSmile

First set in Budapest 059

First set in Budapest 060

This is the view of one of the other buildings {the cream-colored one} that is like our flat building.

First set in Budapest 061

There is a slide that goes down into the sandbox which, of course, the kids love!!

First set in Budapest 064

Our neighborhood is located on the outskirts of the city of Budapest and is called ‘Gazdagret’.  It is in a beautiful part of the city that is built among the Buda hills { Buda is the side of the city to the west of the Danube river}.

First set in Budapest 069

Cherry trees are big here and they were in season about 2 weeks after we got here.  There is a big one in the courtyard area and therefore a ready snack while playing!

First set in Budapest 071

What can I say?  She’s quite the characterWinking smile

First set in Budapest 074

In action!!

First set in Budapest 081

She’s our little artist!

First set in Budapest 090

Jared has been taking the opportunity to do some cooking.  This was a bread pudding that he looked up and made himself.  He’s already stellar with {usually} late night omelets for his preggo wife.  He’s so patient that I have no doubt he has amazing potential and can give me a run for my money!!

First set in Budapest 093

They REALLY DO love each otherSmile

First set in Budapest 095

And she REALLY is crazyWinking smile

First set in Budapest 097


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