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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some of Susie’s First Steps

Since Susie is nearly 17 months, you would think she’d be running by now, but like big brother, she has been cautious with the whole walking thing.  She’s taken steps for months, gradually adding and this was the first video that I actually took!  Oh mamaSad smile Well, thankfully, she has not just ‘taken off’ so you can really get the sense of those first steps through watching!

p.s.  I do agree with my sister, Nea, who says that both of our kids have proportionally small feet, for their otherwise chubbies, hence the delayWinking smile I know, I know, ‘when they’re ready’…honestly, I’m not a neurotic mama, *twitch, twitch*

She’s cautious and cute! With a little jiving leg too:)

Thanks for sharing in our livesSmile

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