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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Circus!! Fun Friday Field Trip!!

Ringling Brothers Came to Town!

I am so thankful Anita, who is wonderful and finding out this stuff…knew and asked if we wanted to go for a ‘field trip’!

So we did!


Circus 008Circus 010Circus 011


It was funny because each of the kids liked something different.  These were Abby’s favorites…

Circus 012

We were UP HIGH…the top row…but our camera has a great zoom, so I got some good ones! and it was fun to have the ‘whole floor’ perspective!

Ring Master!

Circus 015Circus 018Circus 020Circus 023Circus 024

The kids did well, but it was LOOONNNNGGG!  JJ had 3 lollipops to help him stay in one place and contentSmile

We brushed his teeth really well that night…YIKES!

Circus 014

Poor Susie…she did well, but it was past her bedtime and she couldn’t crawl around…so she was ‘rammy’ and we didn’t get home til close to 11pm. 

She did so well…all things considered!

Circus 027Circus 030Circus 032Circus 036

Brandon’s favorite…the strong men.  They were very strong and from Eastern EuropeSmile

Circus 044Circus 050

Yes, this was CRAZY!!!!

Circus 054

We actually were on the side of the tight rope.  We had an amazing view…looking down on it all…they are incredible!

Circus 064Circus 071Circus 077Circus 082Circus 085

JJ loved the tigers and keeps talking about them.

Circus 089Circus 094

This was hilarious.  The strong men came back on and did like a ‘dance routine’.  I likened it to a figure skating pair…

Jared said, ‘well, the strong men sure are flexible’…honestly, so funnySmile

Circus 109

Anita, being the smart woman that she is, had gotten a circus video so the kids could watch before and be prepared.  There was a human cannonball in there and so most were excited…except one (her B) but then didn’t even realize this was IT when it came.  It looked different in the video…anyhow, it was cool and they played a fun song, but I can’t remember which…

Circus 112

Circus 118Circus 119

He came out as a ball of fire and was ON FIRE when he landed…I didn’t get that picture, unfortunately…

Circus 120

JJ had been asking about the elephants all night and loved them, but I think I did even more.  I kept telling Jared that I wanted to go hug them.  They seemed so kind and smart.  Doing amazing things!  Honestly, just look!

Circus 124Circus 125

Circus 128Circus 130Circus 131Circus 134Circus 135Circus 136Circus 138

Fun Jumping Men…wouldn’t the NBA love to have their springs!

Circus 140Circus 146

Ended with crazy tumbling…I wish I could do what they did…it just looked like so much fun!! so free and full of energy!

Circus 148Circus 150


JJ has a fear of fireworks that had been going off (mini ones) during the night…but, he did ok.  I hope he grows out of it…eventually, because we love them!

Circus 159Circus 160Circus 161

Out of focus, BUT we thought it' would be fun to take a picture of us with our friends on the parallel escalator…I almost didn’t make it before we had to get off…Jamie had the same idea!

Circus 162

Both Jared and I had only been to the Circus once in our respectiveWinking smile fourth grade classes.  We were excited to go back!   It was fun, but also tiring since the kids are still quite little, but we’re so glad we did it and made more memories with our dear friends and Florida family…

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